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What is aniline?

Aniline is an aromatic amines.


It is slightly soluble in water.

it is colourless to yellow liquid.

The IUPAC name is “Aniline” but systematic IUPAC name is benzenamine.

The basic formula of aniline is C6H5NH2.

The chemical formula of aniline is C6H7N.

The basic structure is indicate both phynyl group and amino group (NH2) are attached.

It has 6 carbon atoms7 hydrogen atoms and 1 nitrogen atom.

Mostly indigo dye are used for dyeing of denim goods.

It is mostly used including, textile, rubber and chemicals industries.

Aniline is use for making Aniline black dye with help of some important chemical.

It is given aniline black dye and indigo dye or different types of dyes is use for dyeing of textile apparels in textile industry.

Aniline Properties

1. It is slightly soluble in water

2. It is a liquid substance.

3. It is Colourless to yellow liquid.

4. density is 1.0297 g/ml

5. Melting point is 6.3°C (20.7°F,266.8k)

6. Boiling point is 184.13°C (363.43°F,457.28k)

7. It is also know as Benzenamine.

8. The basic formula of aniline is C6H5NH2.

9. It is used for makeing verity of dyes.

9. Indigo dye is makeing from C6H5NH2. and this indigo dye are mostly used for dyeing of denims apparels

Aniline Black

This dye is produced by the oxidation of aniline (HCL).

Some important oxidising agent are mostly used in this process.

1. Chromic acid

2. Potassium Bicarbonate

3. Ferrocynicle of potassium

Aniline black preparation

First off all,

the solution are prepared with the help of following recipe,


• Aniline HCL – 40 parts

• Potassium chloride – 20 parts

• Copper sulphate -. 40 parts

• Chloride of ammonia – 10 parts

• Warm water at (60°C) – 500 parts

Process manufacturing

Aniline Hydrochloride




Warm water at 60° F


Rest for few days


Perfect Black dye produced ( which are use for dyeing in textile industries).

Aniline black Dyeing (process)

First padding in aniline salt


Oxidised potassium ferrosynite


Dry – steaming


Treated with dichloride


Aniline black shade produced

Process sequence

Take fabric


Fabric are throughly washed with hot water.


Impreged in solution for 1-2 hours in cold liquor where 1 part of solutions + 4 parts of dye is used.


Sqauering the fabric


Dry the materials

After complete Process, aniline black dye is formed. This product is called Aniline black dye.


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