Calculate the number of moles of Cl atoms in 2.41 × 10^24 formula units of magnesium chloride, mgcl2?

Helo, reders today we will discuss about how to calculate the number of moles of cl atoms.

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What is the number of moles?

A mole is expressed directly the mass of substance in which it represent the equal quantity of basic units. Supposed, the mass is 25g and same unit 25C (molecules) the basic unit can be molecules, atoms.

A mole represent the number of chemical elements. One mole of any type of substance is equal to the value of 6.023 × 10^23. It is also called Avogadro number. It is used to measure to the product obtained after the reaction. the unit is measure by mole.


the main formula of number of moles is,

Number of moles = mass of substance/mass of one mole.

for example;

How to determine the number of moles in 52gram of helium?

First, you focus about the given mass, what is the given mass in this question,

The given mass is 52 gram.

you know that molar mass of helium is,

4 gram

Now, the number of moles formula is,

number of moles of helium = given mass / molar mass

number of moles of helium = 52/4

number of moles of helium = 13

Calculate the number of moles of Cl atoms in 2.41 × 10^24 formula units of magnesium chloride, mgcl2

here, in this question formula units are given, such as.

According to the Avogadro’s constant

1 mole of any substance – 6.022 × 10^23

MgCl2 formula units – 2.41 × 10^24

Now, we will find moles of mgcl2 according to formula and formula is,

mole of mgcl2 = number of formula units / Avogadro’s constant

mole of mgcl2 = 2.41 × 10^24 / 6.022 × 10^23 moles

mole of mgcl2 = 4.00 mol

you know that, in case of mgcl2, it hs 1 mg and 2Cl. So, you can say that the basic ratio in between is 1:2.

Therefore, the moles of cl atoms = moles of mgcl2 × 2

the moles of mgcl2 is already calculated, so you can write the equation,

4.00 × 2 = 8.00 mol

Finally Answer is,

Number of mole of cl atoms = 8.00 mol