Coal gas is a mixture of – H2 + CO + CH2

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Coal gas is a mixture of?

  1. CH4 (Methane) + H2 + CO.
  2. C4H10 (Butane) + H2 + CO.
  3. C4H10 (Butane) + H2O.
  4. C2H6 (Butane) + H2 + O2.

Actually, According to destructive distillation, When coal is subjected to destructive distillation, it yield coal gas, and coal tar. coal gas is mainly used as a fuel.

According to above information, we can say that, coal gas is a mixture of hydrogen (H2) (50%) , carbon monoxide (CO) (10%) Methane (CH4) (35%).

So, option 1 is correct answer. {ch4 (methane) + H2 + CO}.


Coal gas is a mixture of hydrogen, carbon monoxide and methane. Let’s know with reaction,

H2 + CO + CH4



H2 – hydrogen (50%)

CO – carbon monoxide (10%)

CH4 – methane ( 35%)


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