Coal tar is a mixture of various substance?

(a) True

(b) false

Coal tar is a thick, black type liquid with unpleasant smell. actually, coal tar is a mixture of 200 substances.

Coal tar is a liquid which is a by – product of the production of cock and coal gas from coal. Product obtained from coal tar, this product are mainly used starting materials (raw materials) for manufacturing for various substance. such as,

(a) dyes.

(b) perfumes.

(c) synthetic fibre.

(d) photographic materials.

(e) treatment of dandruff.


(f) roofing materials.

Napthalene balls which are used to repel moths are made from coal tar.

But now a days, bitumen which is a petroleum product is used instead of coal tar for making roads.

According to above discussion, coal tar is a mixture of various substance, this statement is absolutely true.

So, option A is correct.


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