dyeing of wool is carryout with acid dye. some reagent are used such as, acetic acid, sodium sulphate and more.

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Dyeing of wool with mechanism

Mechanism of dyeing of wool with acid dye, acid dye is used for wool materials especially for dyeing purpose.

wool retains each of -NH2 and -COOH groups at either ends which are capable of taking part in chemical reaction.

Based on this chemical structure of wool may better represented as,

wool dyeing process


w – repersent part of wool structure


When wool is immersed in water, H atom attached to the carboxylic acid group at one end of wool is transferred to -NH2 group at the other end of the macromolecules so that the two ends of wool chain acquire opposite electrical charge called zwitter ions.

Wool dyeing

On addition of acid in bath containing wool with zwitter ions, some of the – vely charged carboxylate ions (-coo-) take up H ions released by acid into solution and are transfer to electrically neutral carboxylic acid group (-COOH). At the same time, the acid anions released from acid are absorbed by +vely charged amino ends of keratin Micromolecules.

reaction is,

Dyeing of wool
Wool dyeing recipe
  1. Acid dye – X%
  2. A. Acid – Y%
  3. Sodium sulphate – 10%
Dyeing process

Properties of wool

  1. Biodegradable.
  2. Non – allergenic.
  3. Durable and elastic.
  4. Easy care.
  5. Keep warm.
  6. Less tocxic.
  7. Breathable.
  8. Surface (it protect uv radiation).
  9. elesticity of wool is high.
  10. elesticity recovery will be 75% and more.
  11. Specific gravity of wool is 1.30 gm/cc.
  12. less lusture.

Dyeing of Acrylic/wool blend

Dyeing with cationic and metal complex dye,


  1. Cationic dye – x%
  2. Sulphuric acid (96%) – 3%
  3. Formic acid (85%) – 5%
  4. PH – 2-3
  5. Pottasium biocarbonate – 0.03 to 0.1

Dyeing process

The good are inter at 70°C. and after raise the temp at 80°C in 10 – 15 min. Befor adding x% metal complex dye. and 1-2% dispersing agent. then bath is treated at 100°C within 40 mint.

dyeing of wool


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