Read More – When was the first cotton mill set up in India?

First cotton textile industry in india?

(A) Chanai

(B) Kolkata

(C) Mumbai

(D) New delhi


Yes, West bangal (kolkata) is the write answer. this mean, option B is write answer.

The first cotton textile industry in India was established at fort Glastor near kolkata in 1818.

Yes, fort Glastor is the first cotton textile industry was established in kolkata (west bangal).

for example;

Company name (first mill) – Fort Glastor.

Established Year – 1818.

Industry – Cotton textile industry.

Production – Cotton materials.

large scale production of cotton (second mill) – started in mumbai in 1854.

Why Large scale production of cotton in kolkata, gives reson?

West Bangal

Yes, west bangal are produce large scale of cotton. due to some important resion.

Kolkata – Very most important center

Resion ;

  1. Port facilities.
  2. Humid climate.
  3. Call from Raniganj.
  4. Local cheap labour due to high density of population.


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