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What is h2o full name?

We know that, there is no full form of H2O, it is only symbol of H2O.

Symbol of water is H2O


Now, i m going to explain about what do you mean by H2 (hydrogen) and what do you mean by O (oxygen).

H2 – two elements of Hydrogen

O – one elements of oxygen

In this case, both elements joined together to form H2O (water)


H = Hydrogen, and O = oxygen

H2O is also called dihydrogen monoxide or in other words, according to chemistry, the chemical formula of water is “H2O” it means that it is denoted with Water. The molecule of water has strong chemical bonding between Hydrogen elements form a bond with one oxygen elements. as shown in figure.

In this reaction, two Hydrogen atoms is react with one oxygen atoms then it gives H2O. it means both hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms joined together then it made H2O.

it means (Water). these are the basic information and basic knowledge of full form of h2o.

What does H2O mean?

The mixture of two elements of Hydrogen and One elements of oxygen joined together to form H2O (Water). The chemical formula is H2O (water)

In other words,

When two elements of Hydrogen and one elements of oxygen are adding together to make H2O (water).

What do you mean by 2?

2 is the Subscript of H which is indicate or refers, 2 Hydrogen atoms or elements. but oxygen has no subscript refers to one oxygen atoms. that is the reason it is called dihydrogen monoxide.

What do you mean by O2?

“O” means – oxygen or also called mono Oxygen, and O is also called oxygen but O2 means (dioxygen). O2 is also called dioxygen. In other words it represents “O” means “Oxygen” these are chemical components, these are generally used in reaction. these components is also called mono Oxygen.

How many atoms are in H2O?

In case of H2O (water), there is a one atom of oxygen and two atoms of hydrogen. Water molecule are made from one atom of oxygen bonded to two atoms of hydrogen. and it is apply only one type of atom.

For example

One atom of oxygen and is written – O

If two atoms of oxygen and is written – O2


Two atoms of hydrogen and is written – H2

H20 (water) molecule is connected one atom of oxygen and two single state line with two atoms of hydrogen.

What elements is H2O?

We know, water molecule is compound and it is consisting of one tom of oxygen bounded to two atoms of hydrogen.

What does H2O stand for?

According to science, there is no full form of water. H2O is symbol of water. the chemical formula of water is H2O. molecule of water is made by joining both elements two hydrogen atoms with one oxygen atoms to form water (H2O).

Hydrogen atoms is measured – H2

Oxygen atoms is measured – O

But the synthetic name of H2 is dihydrogen and synthetic name of O2 is dioxygen. Water is chemical substance with no colour but the colour of pure water is to light blue.

How much atoms in H2O?

What is properteis of water (H2O)?

Physical properties

• Water is Colourless, testless liquid.

• high melting point and boiling point compared with other liquid.

• Water has high specific heat and Surface tension.

• water has excellent Solvent.

• Water has high latent heat of vaporization.

Why H2O is a polar molecule?

Water is a polar molecules because the shape of water molecule is bent, shape of water molecule is not linear. This is the reason water is called polar.

Why h2o (water) is important for body?

Water is very important for body because in human body Cells, organs is required water to regulate the body temperature and also maintain bodily functions and your body loses water through digestion. and really it’s important to eat any foods cantain water. this is reason water is very important for body.

What is the main Uses of H2O?

1. Water is windly use in manufacturing plants such as textile industry for washing, cleaning, textile dyeing, printing and finishing.

2. Water (H2O) is also use in many chemical reaction purpose.

3. Water is also use in energy genrater.

4. Water is used in washing, cleaning department.

5. Water is used in manufacturing plants for materials production.

6. Water is use in agriculture industry.

7. Water is used for generating the electricity.

8. Water is also used in everyday living.

9. Water is also used for animals health.

10. Water is use for spraying, flooding in agriculture.

What is full form Of H2?

“H” means – hydrogen,

it is also called mono hydrogen.

But “H2” mean – dihydrogen.

Therefore, H2 is also called dihydrogen.

H2 indicate dihydrogen, means – H (1 hydrogen) + H (1hydrogen) = H2(2hydrogen). and this 2hydrogen is also called dihydrogen component.

These are also chemical components. these dihydrogen is used in many chemical reaction.

What is full form of CO2?

The full form of “CO2” is Carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide
Carbon dioxide

The carbon dioxide molecule is made from 1 carbon atoms and two oxygens.

For example;

C = Carbon = one carbon atom

O2 = Oxygen = two oxygen atoms

The carbon dioxide molecule are connected with one carbon and two oxygens with the help of two state line.

We get two double bonding between the items. In other word, it is connected two state line between the items.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) have no colour in our atmosphere. It mean, it is colourless in atmosphere.

The chemical formula or chemical name is CO2 (carbon dioxide).


Electrons in bonds to oxygen

In carbon dioxide ( CO2) structure, 4 outer cells elctrons, it means octet= 8 and oxygen is 6.

The two groups of bonding electron in CO2 are replace each other and keep the oxygen item for away to each other. Because the Bond angle is 180°C.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is made up from one atom of carbon and two atoms of oxygen.

Carbon dioxide is form polar covalent bonds with 2 oxygen atoms.

carbon dioxide (CO2) is more stable and unreactive then water (H2O).

Carbon dioxide have more stronger bond then H2O water molecule.

Bond angle of Carbon dioxide are at 180°.

What is difference between H2O and CO2?

H2O (water)

H2O structure
H2O (water)

CO2, carbon dioxide
CO2 (Carbon dioxide)

• The water molecule is made from 1 oxygen atoms and two hydrogens. H2O is more reactive compare with carbon dioxide. because the structure of CO2 is made from double bonds, but in case water molecule it is made from single bonding. In H2O structure 1 oxygen atoms and two hydrogens are connected with single bond.

• in case of H2O (water), oxygen is more electronegative but in carbon dioxide, carbon is less electro negative.

• CO2 bonds are similar to H2O bonds.

• CO2 bonds are stronger then H20 bond.

• CO2 are more stable and unreactive compare with H2O.


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