h2s, hydrogen sulfide is one type gas. it mainly persent in crude petroleum and natural gas.

Helo, reders today we will discuss about hydrogen sulfide, h2s Lewis structure, H2s polar or nonpolar.

lets get started,

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What is H2S? (hydrogen sulfide)

Hydrogen sulfide is a one type of gas in which it has very disagreeable odur. hydrogen sulfide is a poisonous type gas in which it has no colour, it is colourless.

Hydrogen sulfide is a mainly produced by organic materials and mainly animal wastes. it is mainly present in crude petroleum, and natural gas.

hydrogen sulfide is soluble in water but if H2S is soluble in carbon disulfide it form weak type acid.


for example – “dibasic acid

When H2S mixed or dissolve in water it form strong acid such as, h2so4 (sulphuric acid). resion is h2s is mixed easy with water.

When h2s mixed with water in which it gives stronger acid but not give any disease.

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Some basic property;

  1. Formula – H2s
  2. Density – 1.36 kg/m3
  3. Molar Mass – 34.1 g/mol
  4. Boiling point – -60°C
  5. Melting point – -85. 5°C
  6. Solubility – water, carbon disulfide and alcohol

H2S Lewis Structure

You know that, in case of hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen and sulfur both atoms are non metal and it is making bond together. Both are non metal it is created bond between hydrogen and sulfide.

Now, we will discuss about lewis structure of hydrogen sulfide.

Hydrogen sulfide – H2S

Hydrogen has 1 valance electron but it has 2 hydrogen so, 1(2) = 2

Hydrogen(H2) has 2 valance electron,

Sulfur has 6 valance electron,

so, we can write the overall valance electron of h2s is,

1(2) + 6 = 8 valance electron

Sulfur is a central atoms and both hydrogen are out side atoms and sulfur make bond with both hydrogen, as shown in figure.

h2s Lewis structure

In case of lewis structure of h2s, hydrogen has 2 valance electron it is proper but sulfide has only 6 electron. For making complete octal two extra electron is required for sulfide as shown in figure.


In case of sulfide need to add remaining electron around sulfide for making octal for maintain proper valance electron. so, finally it is make 8 balance electron.

finally, it make bond between outer atoms hydrogen and with central atoms sulfide.

so, this way you can make the Lewis structure of H2S.

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H2S Polar Or Nonpolar

Now, we will discuss about polarity of h2s.

first you look at the Lewis structure of hydrogen sulfide. sulfide is the central atoms and hydrogen atoms are the out side.

Two bond pair of electron and two loan pair of electron on sulfide atoms. this the basic or important reason in which hydrogen sulfide are molecular geometry. it created repulsion force between hydrogen and sulfur atoms. it is clear with figure.

h2s polar or nonpolar

If it has no any loan pair then it is a linear but sulfide has loan pair so, it is not linear. so, the shape of molecule are to be bend in shape, as shown in figure,

therefore, it is called polar molecules.

sulfur are the central atoms and both hydrogen are out side. both hydrogen are push down ward because s has two laon pair on the sulfur atoms. so, it create, slightly negative charge on sulfur atoms and positive charge on hydrogen atoms.

H2s is polar molecules because difference in electronegativity between hydrogen and sulfide. and the loan pair of this atoms and creations of the poles of this molecules. so, you can say that it is polar molecules.