Unique article gives good ranking as well as it gives good skills, self confidence, good personality and make a good content writers.

What is unique article?

unique article

Unique article is online structured content or fully different and fully structured content that is created to be completely different compared with others found on the web.

Unique article is also part of fresh content, this mean unique article have new/different concept and fresh concept compared with others found on the web.

This concept should be very unique Or very different, this mean if you want to be make a unique article, first you look out the other content then you should try to write your language and you also try to write any information with different concept with different images compared with others.

If you follow this think honesty, definitely your content will be unique. and your article will ranked very less time on google first page. there are lots of think are required for ranking but unique article is very major role of ranking.

Creating this kind of content is extremely important because it can enhance search engine optimization. and this is major role for ranking on the google first page.

if you bigner, first you focus on how to make unique article, and how to write unique article for website. this is very important or major role for a successful blog.


Creating this kind of concept is extremely important and major role for successful blog because it can enhance search engine optimization.

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What Make Writing Unique Article?

Yes, Unique Article gives lots of skills and make Professional constant writers.

In other words, this think devlop Your personal confidence, life style, content writing experience, writing skills.

If you follow this think properly and try to write unique article and even you should try to make in life style.

If you expert to write unique article then you ranked easily on google for any articles. Really, they help to develop in our life experience, our personalities, self confidence.

So as you sit down to write, let the words flow and I guarantee your story will be unique and ranked easily in google frist page.

How to write unique article for blog?

There are many think to write unique article for bolg. such as,

1 Use various question type topics, such as, How to, Why, What is, What happen.

Yes, this type of concept is really work for successful ranking on google. if you use this type of keyword in your article.

If you follow properly, definitely your content will be unique and chances of ranking will be more and value addition are aslo be required and but content should be unique and original. finely your article will ranked on google.

2. Use keyword research tools to help make unique topic and make your content original.

Yes, If you have good knowledge about keyword research tools then you easy to find unique topics and write a original content.

So, keyword research tools also help to find out a unique keyword and also help for making a original content.

This types of tools are only help for finding unique keyword but your skills and hard work is also be use for making unique article.

So, you required well research according to your keyword and try to write article totally different to other.

3. Use tools for converting short to long tail keywords

Yes, there are many different tools are available in the internet, definitely you can use and make a proper long tail keyword.

You don’t know what is the role of long tail keyword for ranking and uniqueness.

Yes, long tail keyword is not only for ranking but also it help for make unique article. there is lots of website are follow this think and make a unique content and ranked easily on google.

So, follow think properly and write unique article with the help of long tail keyword.

4. Target Your Audience

Keyword research is very important for writing unique article as well as for ranking. but you try to select keyword according to audience.

This mean, You should try to write unique content on searchable keyword or what audience search. this think is also a part of uniqueness.

If you write according to audience definitely first your article will be unique and chances of ranking will also be high.

You know, if your article is published according to audience definitely, click to rate will be high on your content and if click to rate will high the chances of ranking will automatically fast.

So, you should try to write unique article according to audience and searchable keyword.

Why unique article is required for google AdSense approval?

Yes, it is true Unique content or new concept level article are required for google AdSense approval.

The reality of google AdSense approval is unique content if your bolg have 20 to 30 unique content then definitely you get approval.

Unique article is major role for successful blog. because unique article is easily rank on google. google also help for unique article creators.

So, you always should try to write unique or fersh content because it help for ranking and traffic. if your bolg have high traffic the definitely your revenue will high.

How unique article help in ranking?

Yes, it is also true, unique article is very important role for ranking on google. and it is also true unique article 80% help in ranking because the unique article is a major role for ranking results. this is very important think for bloggers and it help more and more for ranking.

So, All the successful bloggers are focus on writing unique article for blog. if you want to do something better in blogging and ranking with less time then first try to develop your writing skills, I mean, you try to write unique article for blog.

If you follow this think, definitely you got success. If you visit any high level website then you see or you got high level unique articles. This is only think to ranked on google. there is no any short cut formula for ranking and successful for blogging.

I think you got it what i m try to say, If you have any questions regarding this, you can comment, i m definitely try to write proper or unique answers for you.

What is Actually benefits of unique article?

There are many type of benefits of unique article, sush as

  1. First, it gives proper/fast ranking.
  2. Second, it gives proper skills.
  3. Third, it gives self confidence.
  4. Four, it develop life experience.
  5. Five, Develop our personalities.
  6. Six, Develop our self confidence.


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