Identify type of intermolecular forces in CH2=CH2.

We know, force of attraction occur between molecules (ch2=ch2) that are called hydrogen bonding. therefore, we can say that, hydrogen bonding occur between (ch2=ch2) molecules.

in this case, both atoms joined by double bonds and both carbon atoms are look like as planner triangular. As a result the shape of this molecules is planner in nature.

In which matter intermolecular forces is strongest?

You know that, the forces of attraction between the molecules of matter is called the intermolecular force of attraction.

  1. It is maximum intermolecular forces in solid.
  2. It is less intermolecular forces in liquids.
  3. least intermolecular forces in gas.

Intermolecular forces of attraction,

1. Strong – solids

2. Less strong – liquids

3. Least – gas


The liquids with high temperature attractive forces has?

In case of liquids, intermolecular attractive forces hold the molecules in contact. they have highly and more kinetic energy to move past each other. as a result, the liquids with high temperature attractive forces has van der walls forces.

In case of liquids, high temperature apply, it mean, more kinetic energy which cause the intermolecular forces to dissipate and will results in a reduced viscosity.

London dispersion forces types of intermolecular forces exist in Cl2 and CCl4. reson is both are non polar. and in any non polar molecules create London dispersion forces.

When intermolecular distance increase due to tensile forces?

When intermolecular distance increase due to tensile forces?

  1. No any forces develop between molecules.
  2. Repulsive forces developed between molecules.
  3. Attractive forces developed between molecules.
  4. London dispersion forces developed between molecules.

The Correct Option is 2.

– Repulsive forces of attraction developed between molecules.


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