mg(no2)2 is a organic chemical compound. it is white crystaline white solid.

Hello, reders welcome to new another fresh article. today we will discuss about mg+no2 , magnesium nitrite with structure, mg(no2)2 compound name, properties and mg(no2)2 ionic or molecular.

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What is mg(no2)2 ?

Mg(no2)2 is an organic chemical compound. Magnesium Nitrite is look like a white powser at room temperature. Magnesium nitrite is one type of salt. it is slouble in water and alcohol.


Mg(no2)2 compound name

the compound name of mg(no2)2 is this that magnesium nitrite.

magnesium nitrite is a ionic organic compound.


Magnesium nitrite is define as,

Mg = magnesium &

No2 = nitrogen dioxide

Mg(no2)2 ionic compound name

the ionic compound name is,

Mg(no2)2 (Magnesium nitrate) where,

(Mg 2+) & (no2-)

this is the ionic compound charges, the complete charge of this compound indicated ionic compound.


Mg = magnisium (positive charge)

No2 = nitrogen dioxide (negative charge)

According to this way, it is define the charges of this organic compound (magnisium nitrite).

these are the complete mg(no2)2 ionic compound name.

What is the Oxidation state of nitrogen in mg(no2)2?

the oxidation state of nitrogen is +3 in case of Magnisium Nitrite. each of nitrogen atom have +3 in this molecules.

but how we can find the oxidation state of nitrogen in Magnisium Nitrite?

First you know that,

Mg = +2, N = ? , o2 = -2

So, the complete equation of mg(no2)2 is,

+2 (x – 4)2 = 0

+2 (2x – 8) = 0

2x = 6

x = 6/2 = 3

x = +3

So, the complete equation is,

Mg (+2) N (+3) o2 (-2) = mg(no2)2

Structure of magnesium nitrite;

Magnesium nitrite

Properties of magnesium nitrite

Chemical name – (magnesium nitrite)

Exact Mass – 115.970484

Soluble – water, ethnol

Molecular weight – 116 g/mole

Atomic Mass of mg(no2)2

the magnesium nitrite is an organic chemical compound.


In case of magnesium nitrite,

Mg = magnesium &

N = Nitrogen

O = Oxygen

the atomic number of magnesium is, 24.03, the atomic number of nitrogen is 14.01 & oxygen have 16.00.

the atomic weight/ atomic mass of mg(no2)2 is,

Atomic number of Mg = 24.03, N = 14.01, O = 16.00.

24.03 + 14.01 + (16.00)2

= 116.01 g/mole

therefore, the atomic mass of mg(no2)2 is 116.00 g/mole.

Reaction Of Mg(no2)2

The balanced chemical equation;

When mg (magnesium) is directly react with the compound no2 nitrogen dioxide then it is given directly magnesium nitrite as a product.

the chemical reaction is,

Magnesium + nitrogen dioxide = magnesium nitrite

Mg + 2NO2 – mg(no2)2


Mg = magnesium &

2No2 = nitrogen dioxide


When mg (magnesium) react with no2 (nitrite) then mgo magnesium oxide and NO is formed,

mg + No2 – mgo + NO

therefore, we can say that burning mg+no2 will give NO.

Oxidation Number of Mg(no2)2

You know that, magnesium nitrate is a neutral compound.

Magnesium nitrate is a neutral compound in which all oxidation numbers must add up to Zero.

All oxidation numbers must add charge on the ions.

We can find the oxidation numbers each element with the help of following instruction.

For example,

Mg = +2

N = ? (Don’t know)

O = -2

Nitrogen have no oxidation numbers, but how to find the oxidation numbers of nitrogen.

Suppose, Nitrogen (N) = X

So, look the setup of this equation,

Mg + ( NO2)2 ( O2 is two time of oxygen) = 0

+2 + ( x – 4 ) 2 = 0

2 + 2x – 8 = 0

2x = 6

x = 6/2

x = 3

so, the oxidation numbers of N = + 3

So, this is the full setup of oxidation numbers of particular compound with particular element.

the oxidation numbers of magnisium Nitrite is,

Mg – ( +2)

N – (+3)

O2 – ( -2 )

Is mg(no2)2 ionic Or covalent?

Yes, it is true;

the intire compound (magnisium Nitrite) is called ionic bonds because that,

Mg – magnisium – metal

No2 – Nitrite – non matel

So, they attracked properly and make ionic bons. Therfore, this compound is called ionic.

But if i m talking about only, NO2 (Nitrite) where,

N = Nitrogen = non matel &

O2 = oxygen = also non matel

If both combined like,

Non matel + non matel = covalent

Therefore, noly (NO2) is creat covalent bonds. But over all compound magnisium Nitrite is know as ionic.

So, it is absolutely true, magnisium Nitrite is ionic.

Which compound has small size, and more polarized?

  1. Mg(no3)2
  2. Br (no3)2

if you compare in both compound, then magnisium Nitrite has +2 and Br also has +2 charge. It mean both compound has same charge. But only different is size. magnisium nitrate has small size compared with Br(no3)2.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is valency of chemical?

the valency of chemical is define, as it improve ability of combined one chemical elements to another chemical elements.

2. What is the oxidation state of molecules?

the oxidation state is define as, it is properly indicate the degree of oxidation of an atoms in a molecules. but it is difference with oxidation number.

3. How to made Magnesium Nitrite mg(no3)2?

Magnesium Nitrite is called ionic compound in which is made by mg+2 and Nitrite NO -3. In this case charges of ion should be equal and opposite in order for properly bind.

if i m talking about blance then one mg+2 magnesium required two -1 Nitrite ions for properly blance in this compound.

4. Give the name of weak acid and strong acids?

There are many example of weak acid and strong acids. Such as,

Weak acids

1. Carbonic acid – H2CO3

2. Phosphoric acid – H3PO4

3. HF, HC2H3O2 and many more.

these are called weak acids.

Stronge acids

  1. HNO3
  2. HClO
  3. HCl
  4. HBr
  5. H2SO4


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