N2O5 compound name is dinitrogen pentoxide.

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What is N2O5?

You know that dinitrogen pentoxide is a chemical compound. the chemical formula of dinitrogen pentoxide is N2O5. and the symbolic form is also be N2O5.

it is prepared with the help of conc nitric acid (HNO3) and pohphours pentoxide (p4 O10).


When 4 mole of nitric acid react with P4O10 the it is given 2 mole of dinitrogen and 4 mole of HPO3.

4 HNO3 + P4 O10 – 2 N2O5 + 4 HPO3


N2O5 – Dinitrogen pentoxide &

HPO3 – pohphours

the final products is produce, 2 mole of N2O5 + 4 mole of HPO3.

Also prepared;

When 2 mole of nitric acid react with P2O5 then it produce dinitrogen pentoxide and 2 mole of HPO3.

2HNO3 + P2O5 – N2O5 + 2HPO3

In this case, the final products is, dinitrogen pentoxide and 2 mole of HPO3.

it is produce white crystals by oxidizing nitric acid (HNO3) with ozone. it is unstable chemical compound in which it decompose at room temperature with nitrogen dioxide and water.

It is also called as nitric anhydride.

N2O5 structure

n2o5 structure

it is a crystal structure – (hexagonal)

the molecular shape of dinitrogen pentoxide is planner.

if you see on structure of dinitrogen pentoxide with very carefully then you can write the above information regarding this structure of chemical compound.

Such as,

1. Total atoms – 7

2. Total valence electron – 10 + 30 = 40

3. Required for octen = 56

4. Lacking = required for octen – total valence electron (56 – 40 ) = 16

So, the lacking = 16

5. total number of bond = 16/2 = 8 bond

These are the basic information regarding this structure. this is very important to remember for examination purpose.

N2O5 Properties;

There are two different properties, such as physical properties and chemical properties.

Physical properties

1. N2O5 is persent in the form of colourless solid.

2. N2O5 is highly acidic.

3. Boiling point – 47°C

4. Melting point – 41°C

5. Density – 1.64 g/ cm3

6. Molar Mass – 108.01 g/mole

7. Chemical formula – N2O5.

Chemical properties

1. when 4 mole of AgNO3 is react with 2 mole of Cl then it is given 2 mole of dinitrogen and O2

4 AgNO3 + 2Cl – 2N2O5 + O2

2. When 2 mole of dinitrogen pentoxide is heated then it produce 2 mole of N2O4 and O2.

2N2O5 (Heat) – 2 N2O4 + O2

3. When N2O5 react with water (h2o) then it is given nitric acid (HNO3).

N2O2 + H2O – HNO3 + O2

4. When hno3 nitric acid is heated in the presence of H2O then it is directly given dinitrogen pentoxide is as a product.

Reaction is,

2 HNO3 [Heat] (-H2O) – N2O5

Uses of N2O2 (dinitrogen pentoxide)

• it is used as a solvent for nitrated water sample.

• you know that, dinitrogen pentoxide and HNO3 is called as nitrating agent. It is used in synthetic organic chemistry.

• it is used as a strong nitrating agent.

Frequently Asked question

1. What is hybridization of N2O5?

the hybridization of dinitrogen pentoxide is sp2.

2. What is structure of dinitrogen pentoxide?

Dinitrogen pentoxide is a chemical compound with the chemical formula N2O5. it is also called nitric anhydride. it contain only 2 mole of nitrogen and 2 mole of oxygen. it is colourless Crystal.

3. What kind of bond is dinitrogen pentoxide?

Four Covalent bond persent in dinitrogen pentoxide.

4. Why P2O5 is called dinitrogen pentoxide?

You know that,

N2O5 is name – dinitrogen pentoxide &

P2O5 is name – phosphorus pentoxide

P2O5 is called dinitrogen pentoxide because in case of dinitrogen pentoxide, nitrogen exit diomatic form where as p is not in the form of dimatic.


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