• NO2 polar or nonpolar – No2 is an organic chemical compound. the chemical name of no2 is nitrogen dioxide. and no2 is polar molecules.

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What is NO2?


Nitrogen dioxide is organic chemical compound with formula (NO2) . it is one type of gaseous air in which at high temperature it is converted to reddish-brown gas. nitrogen dioxide is part of a group of gaseous air. it is emitted from all combination engines.


The Chemical formula of nitrogen dioxide is NO2.


N – Nitrogen &

O – oxygen

NO2, nitrogen dioxide is one type of gas (hot air pollution) that are produced If nitrogen molecules (N2) and oxygen molecules (O) is combined together. you can understand with that reaction, and reaction is,

no2 polar or nonpolar

You know that no2 gas is persent in any place or planet in the world. the main cause to produce no2 gas is, such as

1. Car

2. Electricity


It is a visible type gas in which it is easy to see that of the back of car. this gas is converted fresh air to polluted air.

Electricity; – No2 gas is one of the gaseous air in which it is created cause,

Buring of the fuel, Such as Gascoal

No2 gas combined to ozone and produce combustion that is caused it created acid rain.

NO2 Structure;

no2 structure

NO2, (Nitrogen Dioxide)

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NO2 Molar Mass,

You know that nitrogen dioxide has one atom of nitrogen and two atom of oxygen. If one atom of nitrogen with two atom of oxygen are attached together then it make nitrogen dioxide.

Find the molar mass of No2, If you want to find out the molar mass of this compound.

Then first you need to know about atomic no of both atom. You can check out from periodic table for the value of particular atoms. Such as,

N – nitrogen &

O2 – two atoms of oxygen

From periodic table,

the atomic mass of nitrogen is 14.0067. &

the atomic mass of oxygen is 15.9994


Molar mass = atomic mass of (N) + atomic mass of (O).


Molar mass of no2 = 14.0067 + 15.9994

Molar mass of no2 = 46.0055 g/mole

Finely results,

Molar mass of nitrogen dioxide – 46.0055 g/mole.

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NO2 polar or nonpolar

You know that, nitrogen dioxide is created bonds between nitrogen and oxygen.

And other think of nitrogen dioxide is, the different in Electronegativity in Both atom. This mean, atoms has different Electronegativity.

Nitrogen have highly electronegativity then oxygen. so, nitrogen make more positive where as oxygen make more negative. result it make dipole moment, due to this no2 is polar, so, it is called polar molecules.

NO2 is polar molecules because this molecules has different Electronegativity. Polarity occur when molecules has different Electronegativity.

If i m talking about nitrogen dioxide molecules then, oxygen has more Electronegativity compare with nitrogen. so due to this, it make a poles. nitrogen have partial positive charge to oxygen has partial negative charge.

According to different electronegativity between molecules, so we can say that this molecules are polar.

Charge on no2 (formal charge)

To find the formal charge of each element or molecules nitrogen dioxide.

First you draw a Lewis structure of nitrogen dioxide because it is best way to find formal charge of nitrogen dioxide molecules.

It is best way to understand about formal charge of nitrogen dioxide molecules.

no2 polar

You observed that with the help of Lewis structure of these molecules. (N) nitrogen have a single electrons. it is not make a loan pair.

Nitrogen is central atoms which have only one electrons compare with other element of these molecules.

Formal charge of this molecules can be find out with the formula. Such as,

Formal charge = valence electrons – Unbound electrons – 1/2 bounded electrons.

1. (O) = 6 – 6 – 2/2 = -1

2. (N) = 5 – 1 – 6/2 = +1

3. (O) = 6 – 4 – 4/2 = 0

These are the Lewis structure of (nitrogen dioxide) molecules based on the formal charge.

NO2 resonance structure

If we are talking about no2 molecules, it has total 18 valence electrons. it make the combination of two atoms, one is nitrogen (N) and other is oxygen (O). Nitrogen has 6 valence electrons and oxygen has also 6 valence electrons. and overall this molecules has 18 valence electrons.

Now, Nitrogen (N) atom has an unpaired electrons and positive charge. and every atoms has a formal charge zero.

These are two major resonance structure to no2 is,

no2 resonance structure

NO2 bond order;

the bond order of nitrogen dioxide is represented with the help of its resonating structure.

bond order of this compound can be determine by this formula,

bond order = (total number of electrons pair in N-O bonds)/(total number of N-O bonds).


The bond order of nitrogen dioxide is,

bond order = 3/2

= 1.5 &

bond length = 119 pm

bond angle = 134°

NO2 Oxidation number

Nitrogen (N) = ?

and o2 = -2(two times of oxygen)

So, it’s (o2 = -4)

Lets, x be the oxidation state of N.

So, the equation is,

(X – 4) = 0

X = +4

So, we can write,

N = +4

Therefore, the oxidation number of nitrogen in nitrogen dioxide is, N = +4.

NO2 bond angle

The bond angle can be determine by lone pair of e- in the molecules.

No2 has odd electrons, which tends to increases bond angle.

NO2 make 134° bond angle.


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