o2 chemistry, why oxygen is written as o2, in this article I m shere a valuable information regarding this topic.

Hello, reders welcome to another fresh article. today i am going to explain about O2 chemistry.

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O2 chemistry, why oxygen is written as o2?

o2 chemistry

Why oxygen is written as O2” in case of O2 chemistry because oxygen (O2) consists of two oxygen atoms and it is bound together then it form a molecule. this phenomenon is called oxygen (O2).

For example;

Oxygen (O) + oxygen (O) – O2


You can see it is bound together and it make a molecule.

Oxygen is usually found as diatomic gas therefore, we written is as O2.

We know that,

oxygen written is as = O2 and

hydrogen written is as = H2

Oxygen and hydrogen both atom consists two atom of oxygen and two atom of hydrogen and it form a molecule.

You can understand properly with the help of reaction.

reaction of o2 chemistry

2H2 + 2O2 – 2H2O

You can understand how to make water molecule with this reaction.


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