Hello, reders today i m going to explain about properties of reactive dye. i m writing all information related with properties of reactive dye and advantages with my personal view. so, read complete articles.

Properties of reactive dye

textile tips - advantage and properties of reactive dye (textilesgreen)

here I m going to explain about properties of reactive dye with step by step. these are the main important properties of reactive dye.

1. Reactive dye is anionic in nature.

2. Alkaline condition is must required for dyeing.

3. Electrolyte is must for proper exhaustion for dyeing.

4. Reactive dye having good substantivity.


5. Reactive dye form strong co-valent bond with the cellulosic fiber.

6. Reactive dye are used for cellulosic and protein fiber.

7. these dyes are soluble in water.

8. This process is very easy.

9. In case of reactive dyes, reactive group with- OH group of cellulose and -NH2 group of proteins fiber.

10 These dyes is gives all type of shades.

11 In dyeing process, the reactive group of the dye makesco-valent bond with the fibers.

12. In case of reactive dyes, Rubbing fastness are good.

13. washing fastness and light fastness properties is good.

14. wide range of color can be easy produced with the reactive dye.

15. perspiration fastness is also good with rating 4-5.

16 Reactive dye can protect the degrading effect of ultra-violet ray.

17. Reactive dyes are found in power form, liquid form and print form.

18. In case of reactive dyes all type of shade are available.

19. Rubbing fastness and light fastness both are good.

20. Reactive dyes are able to dyeing for all type of cellulosic fiber, such as lyocell fibers.

Reactive Dyes Advantage

textile tips - advantage and properties of reactive dye (textilesgreen)
 Reactive Orange 107 structure

1. I m going to explain about properties of reactive dye and advantages. The fibers that are dyed with reactive dyes can be safely clean dyed even with with garments without the damage.
2. Reactive dyes are suitable for dyeing of new type of cellulose fibre products such as lyocell fibers.
3. The chemical bonds as explained above significantly excellent improves the colour stability and washability
4. The reactive dye having wide chromatogram , bright colour,excellent performance and excellent applicability and their properties can satisfy the requirement of the market for fibers and fabrics.
5. Dyed material having excellent properties, particularly good.
6. Wet fastness, can be obtained by dyeing with reactive dyes through an economical and simple dyeing process.
7. Reactive dye are one of the best alternatives to banned dye and other type of cellulose dyes such as sulphur dyes, vat dyes and azoic dyes.
8. reactive dyes gives exllent shade.
9. reactive dyes improve more colour washability.
10. reactive dyes are more sutable for dyeing of cellulose fibre product. 


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