Natural rubber is a polymer of isoprene, Yes this is the write answer.

Lets know in details,

Natural rubber is a polymer of – isoprene, but how?

(a) Propene

(b) Phenol

(c) Isoprene

(d) Polyamide


The correct Answer is (C)

Yes, it is true, the natural rubber is a polymer of isoprene. the chemical name of isoprene is 2-methyl – 1,3 butadiene it is a volatile organic compounds. it is colourless liquid. the chemical formula of isoprene is,


Isoprene is a colourless liquid and it is unsaturated hydrocarbon. isoprene is produced by many plants and animals. isoprene polymer are the main components of natural rubber.

The chemical structure of isoprene is,

natural rubber is a polymer of

It has some important properties such as,,

formula – C5H8

molar mass – 68125/mol

Boiling point – 34.067°C

Density – 0.68 g/cm3

It is used for production of synthetic rubber such as tiers.

Natural rubber is a polymer of isoprene, because isoprene is a one type of polymer in which isoprene has elasticity property. due to this property, they returns to its original shape before deing deformed.

similarly, rubber has also elastic property, when tension are apply then rubber are band is let off and return their original position. natural rubber is also know as polyisoprene.


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