SO3 charge – the formal charge of so3 is equal to zero. Central atom “sulfur” and out side atoms “oxygen” both atom has zero formal charge.

Hello, reders, today we will discuss about so3 charge, formal charge of so3, valency of sulphur in so3. bonding electron, and more.

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Let’s get started, to know about formal charge on SO3, according to formal charge equation. It is windly use to find out the value of formal charge of different molecules.

Formal charge of SO3?

first we will draw the lewis structure of so3. this Lewis structure is help to understand about formal charge of so3. you know that, sulfur has 6 valence electron, sulphur is a central atom and three oxygen around it. it is given in above figure.

first figure

You can see, sulfur has only 6 valence electrone. so sulfur required more then 6 electrons to complete octal, so it need to resolved them. and it is clear with the second structure of so3.


Second figure

Formal charge of SO3

You can see, sulfur has more then 6 electron, it has 12 electron around the sulfur. therefore, all the bonds around the sulfur is double bonds. sulfur has 3 double bonds and it has 12 valence electrons.

In this structure non bonding is not persent around the sulfur or around the central atoms. it mean, there are no any non bonding around the sulphur. according to the structure, sulfur has 3 double bonds and 12 valence electrone.

Sulfur make 3 double bond according to sharing electrons from oxygen atoms. sulfur has 3 double bonds and 12 valence electrone as shown in figure.

SO3 charge
SO3 charge

Bonding electrone – 3 double bond around the sulfur atoms. so, they make 12 valence electrons.

Now, we will find the formal charge of SO3 by using this formula.

Formal charge = valence electron – non bonding valence electron – bonding electrone/2

Now, first we will find formal charge of sulfur (S)

S = 6 – 0 – 12/2 = 0

(S) = 0

So, the formal charge of sulfur is 0.

Now, we will find oxygen (O)

O = 6 – 4 – 4/2 = 0

(O) = 0

So, the formal charge of Oxygen is 0.

So, the entire so3 molecules has zero formal charge.

therefore, we can say that the overall formal charge of so3 molecules are zero.

Valency of sulphur in SO3?

First, draw the Lewis structure, it help for understanding about basic concepts and basic mechanism of valency of sulphur, the Lewis structure of so3 is, here, We will discuss about how to find sulfur valency electrons with the help of lewis structure. You know, the valence of this molecule (SO3) is 6.

Valence of sulfur of SO3

We will discuss about how to find sulfur valence electrons. we will find sulfur valence electrons with the help of Lewis structure. you know, valence of this molecule (SO3) is 6.

In case of SO3 molecules, the valence electron of oxygen (O) is – 3×6 = 18.

total valance electron of SO3 molecule = 6 + 3×6 = 18 + 6 = 24.

therefore, the valence electron of SO3 = 24.

Now, according to structure, it is clear that sulfur is a central atom and oxygen is around it. and make connection between all the single bond.

in sulfur structure, 6 electron are there but total valence electron is 24. it mean 8 electron put down to satisfy octal group as shown in figure.

So, put down the electron to properly satisfy octal group. After 6 electron, the next electron is 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24. it is clear if you see carefully in the SO3 structure. then you can say that this is lewis structure of SO3. and the valency of sulphur in SO3 is 6.

Sulfur Valence Electrons

Sulfur valence electrons – the total no of electrons persent in valence shell of an atom are know as valence electrons.

Now, we will discuss about sulfur valence electrons.

First you use the periodic table,

Sulfur is in group 16.

Element of group 16, such as,

oxygen and sulfur, they have 6 balence electrons.

therefore, we can say that, sulfur has 6 balence electrons.

Second, you can also look electrons configuration of sulfur.

Sulfur valence electrons is also find out by electrons configuration, electrons configuration gives exact number of electrons present in an atom.

Here, we will discuss about electrons configuration, of sulfur atom. electrons configuration gives properly no of electrons in the different energy level and orbitals.

You know that, the atomic number of sulfur is 16.

therefore, we can say that, sulfur has 16 electrons.

And, the electrons configuration of sulfur is,

Sulfur valence electrons

What does this electrons configuration tell us,

In first energy level (low energy level), sulfur has 2 electrons in the 1s orbital. sulfur has 2 electrons in the 2s orbital. and 6 electrons in the 2p orbital.

These all electrons, 2, 2, 6 come in first energy level. this is know as low energy level.

The nest energy level is know as higest energy level, such as

3s2 , 3p6

this is the outermost energy which comprises the valence shell. there are 2 electrons in the 3s orbital. and 4 electrons in the 3p orbital.

But the main interesting point is – what will be the sulfur valence electrons.

We can find the sulfur valence electrons by adding electrons of higest energy level.

it mean, find the sulfur valence electrons by adding the electrons of last type orbital.

3s2 + 3p4

2 + 4 = 6

therefore, the valence electrons of sulfur is 6.

Test for sulphite ion (so3)-2

When sulphite ion (so3)-2 is react with dil.HCl and dil. H2SO4, then it produce SO2 gas (sulfur dioxide). It is colourless.

(SO3)2- + dil.HCl – SO2 (colourless gas)

if this SO2 gas is react with k2cr2o7 then it gives chromium disulphate and sulphate ion.

SO2 + k2cr2o7 – Cr2(SO4)3 + (SO4) -2

Where, cr2(so4)3 is look like green colour. in this reaction, sulfur dioxide is oxidized from cromium disulphate.