The azo-dye test is given by – primary aromatic amine. mainly, azo dye test is used for determine the value of primary aromatic amine

What is azo dye test?

Azo dye test is one type of quantitative test. the main role of azo dye test is to determine the value of aromatic amines. azo dye test are given value of amines. in this process, different colourant dye and pigments are used for colouration of textile apparel or accessories.this colourant are based on azo dyes and anthraquinone dyes. Actually, this test is used for identity about aminesand it is give value of amines.

The azo-dye test is given by?

(a) All amines

(b) All primary aliphatic amine

(c) Primary aromatic amine

(d) Only secondary amines

The azo-dye test is given by primary aromatic amines. therefore, option C is correct answer.


Reason – Primary aromatic primary amines can be determine by an azo dye test.

In this case, aromatic amines (aniline) is reacts with nitrous acid with HCl at 0-5°C to produce diazonium salt.

this solution is reacts with beta-nepthol to produce red colour solution. this red colour solution is known as red azo dye. It is sparingly soluble in water.

Which type of test is prepared azo dyes?

Only azo dye test is prepared azo dyes. azo dye test is given by aromatic primary amines. in this process, primary aromatic amine react with nitrous acid (HNO2) as a result diazonium salt (C6H5N2+Cl-) is formed.

Which compound will give Carbylamine test?

Primary amine ( isopropylamine) will give carbylamine test.

What is azo free dye?

you know that, the working of azo dye is same as direct dye because both dyes color the textile fibre “directly”. So, we can say that both dyes hs same work specially in colouration of textile fibers. these types of dyes are windy used in colouration of textile materials. But sometime if a product has not been made containing these compound. So we can say that this product is know as azo free dye.

how aniline is gives azo dye test?

First, aniline is reacted with nitrous acid (HNO3) then beta- nepthol, as a results azo dyes (orange colour azo dyes) is formed.


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