Baking soda in laundry are mostly uses for cleaning purpose.

Yse, it is true because Uses of baking soda in laundry for improve whitness, softness, and cleaning.

What is baking soda?

baking soda in laundry

Baking soda is a white crystalline chemical compound with formula NaHCO3.

The chemical name of baking soda is sodium bicarbonate.

It is found white crystalline powder form. It is white solid that is crystalline but often appear as a fine powder.

Baking soda is a naturally alkaline. it is mostly uses for removed of stains for textile goods.

The physical property of baking soda is,


Formula – NaHCO3

Chemical formula – sodium bicarbonate

Molar mass – 84.007 g/mil

Soluble – In water

Density – 2.2 g/cm3

Molar entropy – 102 j/mil.k

PH – Naturally alkaline with a pH 8.

Ingredient – sodium bicarbonate

Baking soda is used as a different way, such as

Baking soda is mostly use as a baking soda cleaner – Yes, baking soda is use as a baking soda cleaner, it work as a removel of dirt and stains from laundry materials.

Baking soda is use as a powder form, it is mix with water and also can use normal detergent at the time of cleaning laundry.

Baking soda is used as a water softener – Yes, baking soda is work as a water softener, before use first mix some amount of baking soda with required amount of water.

There are many different way to uses of baking soda in laundry and it help for development of whitness and softness of laundry materials.

So, mostly of time use of baking soda in laundry for cleaning purpose. It is easily clean, All different types of stains which is present on textile materials.

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PH level of baking soda

We can check pH level with different way, such as,

  1. By pH paper
  2. By pH meter

By PH paper

When pH paper touch with baking soda then there is no any any change of pH paper. But when baking soda mix with water then pH paper touch with this solution, then colour will be change (green) of pH paper.

When green colour match on pH table then pH will be in between 7-8.

So, we can say that, the pH level of baking soda is in between 7-8.

By PH meter

When baking soda mix with water, and make solution then use pH meter for determine pH level of baking soda.

By using pH meter for this solution, pH will be in between 7 – 8.

Manufacturing Process,

When Ammoniacal bring solution is passes through carbon – dioxide gas, it gives sodium bicarbonate as a products.

Reaction is,

NaCl + H20 + NH3 + CO2 – NaHCO3 (baking soda) + NH4Cl


NaCl – Sodium chloride.

H2O – Water.

NH3 – Ammonia.

CO2 – Carbon dioxide.

NaHCO3 – Sodium bicarbonate.

NH4Cl – Ammonium chloride

This reaction is carried out strong acid and weak base. it gives sodium bicarbonate as a products. it is simple process.

Baking soda and Washing soda?

Baking soda – baking soda is one type of salt in which it is mostly white crystalline powder. baking soda are mainly uses as a cleaner for cleaning colour as well as stains from cloth and laundry.

It is uses in large scale for laundry. baking soda in laundry gives very much good results for removel of colour and stains from textile goods.

Baking soda is one type of important active products that is used for cleaning or removel colour and stains from textile materials.

It is obtained from simple chemical reaction, When Ammonium bring solution (salt + water + nh3) is passed through CO2 gas then it gives two different products, such as

NaCl + H20 + NH3 + CO2 – NaHCO3 (baking soda) + NH4Cl

  1. Ammonium chloride
  2. Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)

Washing soda – Washing soda is a natural cleaner. Mainly use of washing soda in laundry for cleaning.

Chemically, washing soda is known as a sodium carbonate.

Washing soda is inorganic compound with the formula Na2CO3.

Washing soda is highly water soluble, it is also known as a water soluble salt and powerful water softener.

It is moderately alkaline solution in water. sodium carbonate is an organic sodium salt and a carbonate salt.

It is form white crystalline solid. it is used as a cleaners and also work as a water softener for improve whitness, smoothness on the surface of textile cloths.

Preparation – It is obtained, when ammoniacal bring solution (water + salt + nh3) is passed through CO2 gas, then it gives

  1. Ammonium chloride
  2. Sodium bicarbonate.

Again, products, sodium bicarbonate heated then it gives

  1. Sodium carbonate
  2. Carbon dioxide
  3. Water vapour

Now, finelly when sodium carbonate on adding 10 water molecules of crystallization forms hydrated sodium is form as a final products. It is know as a washing soda.

Washing Soda Chemical Name

Chemically Washing soda is known as sodium carbonate decahydrate with formula [Na2CO3] 10 H2O.


Na2CO3 – basic salt

10 H2O – 10 water crystalline

Sodium carbonate is a white crystalline solid. It solution in water is alkaline in nature.

It is also called soda ash, them main working is to removed dirt and grese from textile goods. it is also called washing soda. it can be obtained by heating baking soda.

The recrystallization of sodium carbonate gives washing soda. It is a basic salt. and it is work as a best water softener.

Nature of Baking Soda

Mix baking soda and detergent – baking soda is mainly used for cleaning purpose. it is a timeless process.

Baking soda gets stains out of carpet, cloths, laundry, cartain and even light colour shoes.

But by only put the baking soda powder into the shoes and wait for at least 1 hour or two hours, you could let the shoes in to washing m/c untill all stain is gone.

Uses bleach for heavy stains and colours of cloth/laundry

Bleaching is a chemical products that is mostly used in industry as well as domestics to removed of colour from fabrics or removel heavy stains ina process called bleaching.

Chemical Uses

Dilute solution of sodium hypochlorite


They work by reaction with many coloured organic compound such as, natural pigments.

There are 3 different way to bleach for removel of colour or stains from cloths.

  1. Chlorin bleach
  2. Peroxide bleach
  3. Reducing bleach

Chlorine bleach

This is a very powerful oxidizing agent that is used for household bleach. this way, stains or colur are easily remove from fabric or clothes.

Some important active chemical are used, such as,

1. Sodium hypochlorite (NaClO)

This chemical are mostly uses for removel of colur Or stains from the textile goods. take 3 – 6 % solution in water and then use. it is also called liquid bleach.

It is used in many household to whiten laundry, uses in kitchens, bathrooms. and also keep in swimming pools.

2. Chlorine (Cl2)

It is used in water treatment, specially for treat drinking water and large public swimming pools.

3. Chlorine dioxide (ClO2)

They used in large scale for bleaching wood pulp, fats, oils, and in textile goods such as, cellulose.

Peroxide bleach

The most important chemical compound are uses for bleach is hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Mostly this chemical compounds are uses for bleach wood pulp.

Some time it is also uses for hair bleach and some time is used for preparation of other important bleaching agent.

Hydrogen peroxide is used for preparation of some important chemical compounds, in other words, this chemical compounds gives some bleaching agent such as,

  1. Perborates
  2. Percarbonates
  3. Peracids

Hydrogen peroxide is most important bleaching agent, it is used in large scale in textile industry for improving whitness and softness.

Hydrogen peroxide is also uses to disinfect tools, bleach hair, and to clean surface.

Hydrogen peroxide gives whitness, lausture, brightness and smoothness on the surface of textile goods.

Reducing bleach

Reducing bleach is also very famous process for bleaching.

The main bleaching agent of reducing bleach is sodium hydrosulfite.

Yes, this bleaching agent are very famous for textile bleach as well as wood pulp.

This is one of the most important reducing bleaching agent.

It is white crystalline powder, that is used as bleaching agent.

This reducing bleaching agent is obtained by reacting bisulfite with zinc.

2NaHSO3 + Zn – NaS2O4 + Zn (OH)2

It is also most of time are uses for textile dying department, specially for eliminate excess dye, and residual oxide and unintended pigments.

It is used as a bleaching agent for wood pulp, textile goods, wool materials, leather materials.

This is a very strong bleaching agent, that is mostly uses in textile industry and leather industry.

Uses of baking soda

Uses of baking soda in kitchen

  1. Get crispy pakoras.
  2. Get attractive happy birthday cacke.
  3. It help increases size of rasgula.
  4. Increases size of cacke Or cack related products.
  5. Mostly uses in homemade.
  6. To help for making milk related products.
  7. It help to making smoothness bhajiya Or spicy chicken products.
  8. To help for making batata vada pav, simple batata vada pav.
  9. To help for making eggless chocolate cake.
  10. To help for making spong cake, chocolate cake.

Uses of baking soda for skin benefits

  1. It give more benefits in glow to the skin.
  2. It help to Get rid of dead skin cells.
  3. It also hen for Control skin infection.
  4. It also Help in hair removel.
  5. Uses properly definitely you get soft skin.


It has excellent results in cleaning both white clothes and textile goods.

But remember, uses bleach very carefully, because it has to much exposure can cause skin redness, and burning.

So, use very carefully at the time of process.


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