Carbylamine reaction is carried out when aliphatic amd aromatic amines are heated with chloroform. it is also known as isocyanides.

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What is carbylamine reaction?

When aliphatic and aromatic amines are heated with chloroform or ethanolic potassium hydroxide, as a result it gives carbylamine. It is also called isocyanides. this types of substance are gives foul small.

Secondary amines and tertiary amine do not give this reaction. Only primary amines is used in this reaction. this reaction is used to detect primary amines.

Reaction, (basic reaction)

carbylamine reaction


Carbylamine reaction process


When aromatic amines react with nitrous acid at low temperature (273-278) to form diazonium salts. this reaction is called diazotization reaction.


But when primary aliphatic amines react with nitrous acid, aliphatic diazonium salts are formed. it is unstable, which liberate gas.

Hofmann’s bromamide reaction

This type of reaction is generally used for converting primary amide to primary amines. this reaction is known as hofmann’s bromamide reaction.

for example,

hofmann's bromamide reaction

This reaction are gives Amide to Amine,

Lets check this Chemical reaction,

When an amide are react with bromine in an aqueous or ethanolic solution of NaOH. Due to this, Amide are converted to Amine as shown in the reaction.

Hofmann's bromamide reaction
This is the basic reaction to show conversation of amide to amine.

But the best example for this reaction is, this reaction are converted acetamide to methylamine as shown in reaction. This mean Amide are converted to Amine.

Intermediate in carbylamine reaction

Carbocation is an best intermediate in carbylamine reaction. carbocation is define as, carbocation is an ion with positive charge carbon atom.

Here, i m going to show various best example of carbylamine reaction intermediate. such as

1. Methenium

2. Methanium

3. Ethanium

Now, i am going to show other atom in which two or more positive charge are persent. some other carbocation (atom) having two positive charge. such as,


Carbene intermediate

Carbene intermediate is used for the reaction of chloroform with strong base, potassium tert – butoxide.

In this reaction, first hydrogen ion (H+) is removed from the chloroform molecules.

This type of reaction is called as a acid base reaction.

Ferquantly Asked Questions

1. What is the product of carbylamine reaction?

When aromatic primary amines heat with chloroform give alkyl isocyanides.

So, we can say that the product of carbylamine reaction is alkyl isocyanides.

2. Which compound does not give carbylamine test?

There are various organic compound that does not undergo carbylamine test. such as,

Aniline (ethyl methyl amine) is an organic compound. it is not give carbylamine test.

3. Which compound does not give carbylamine reaction?

Yes, it is absolutely true, some amine does not give carbylamine reaction, the best example is dimethylamine. it is a secondary aliphatic amine.

this mean, any secondary and tetiary amine do not react to carbylamine reaction. carbylamine reaction is given by only primary amine.


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