What is Portland Cement?

Portland cement is one type of ragular cement. This cement is same as a regular cement. it is only a terms ‘Portland cement‘ not more then that. this is regular cement.

According to chemistry point of view, this cement is the mixture of Ca (Silicate) and Ca aluminates with small amount of gypsum.

What is the Diffrence between Portland Cement and Ragular Cement?

There is not a more diffrence between Portland cement or regular cement. Portland cement and regular cement, these both are same. this mean both are cement.

Portland cement is a one type of generic terms for the type of cement. it is a just a cement Or not more then that.

This cement is normally, used for the reinforced concrete buildings or bridges but it is depend upon soil conditions. It gives stronger results if soil conditions are normal. the mixture ratio for Portland cement is one part Portland cement to three parts of sand.


If you want to find out strongest cement mixture then C4O concrete is the strongest cement mixture. it is mostly used in town building.

Portland Cement Composition

  1. CaO – 50_60%
  2. SiO2 – 20_25%
  3. Al2O3 – 5-10%
  4. MgO – 2-3%
  5. Fe2O3 – 1-2%
  6. SO3 – 1-2%

Raw Material

  1. Limestone for CaO
  2. Clay for SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3

The role of lime is very important in cement because if lime in excess then cement may cracks at the time of setting. this mean it is not setting proper. If lime in less then it may be cement with weak strength.

Ultra Tech Cement

The largest usable cement of india are ultra tech cement.

Yes, it is true, the more trustable cement are ultra tech cement. these cement are manufacturing by aditya birla group.

The ultra tech cement limited is the country largest producer of white cement and grey cement.

Portland Cement Reaction

Reaction which form constituents of cement

2CaO + SiO2 – 2CaO.1SiO2

(Dicalcium silicate)

CaO + Al2O3 – 3CaO.1A12O3

(Tricalcium aluminate)

4CaO + Al2O3 + Fe2O3 – 4CaO.1 Al2O3. 1Fe2O3

(Tetracalcium aluminoferrite)

Setting of cement involves following reaction

Hydration of tricalcium alminate

3CaO.1Al2O3 + 6H2O – 3CaO.1Al2O3.6H2O

Hydration of tricalcium silicate

3CaO.1SiO2 + H2O – Ca(OH)2 + 2CaO.1SiO2

Partial hydrolysis of tricalcium aluminate

3CaO.Al2O3. + 6H2O – 3Ca(OH) + 2Al(OH)3

Role of gypsum

3CaO.1 Al2O3 + 3CaSO4 + 2H2O – 3CaO.1Al2O3.3CaSO4.2H2O

Portland Cement Preparation

This type of cement are prepared by heating limestone and clay or other silicate mixture at high temperature (>1500°C) in a rotating kiln.

The main ingredients are persent in Portland cement are,

  1. Tri and dicalcium silicate
  2. Tricalcium aluminate
  3. Tetracalcium aluminoferrite
  4. Calcium silicate as gypsum

There are six main steps for manufacturing of cement,

  1. Raw meterial extraction
  2. Grinding and blending
  3. Pre – heating raw materials
  4. Kiln department
  5. Cooling
  6. Again Grinding
  7. Packing

Dry process

In the dry and semi-dry process the raw materials are crushed dry and fed in correct proportions into a grinding mill where they are dried and reduced to a very fine powder.

The dry powder called the raw meal is then further blended and corrected for its right composition and mixed by means of compressed air.

The aerated powder tends to behave almost like liquid and in about one hour of aeration a uniform mixture is obtained.

The blended meal is further sieved and fed into a rotating disc called granulator.

A quantity of water about 12 per cent by weight is added to make the blended meal into pellets.

This is done to permit air flow for exchange of heat for further chemical reactions and Conversion of the same into clinker further in the rotary kiln.

In dry process – it is quite echonomical, and less energy consumption.

In case of dry process – it required 150kg coal to produce 1000kg cement, while

In case of wet process – it may take upto 400 kg coal. It also requires less workspace for machineries.

Most of cement plants in India is based on wet process.

But A few has been upgraded to Semi-dry processes.

What is Difference between Portland cement and Non Portland cement?

Portland cement – The Portland cement is the most basic and the most commonly used cement in the world the Portland cement was formerly known as ordinary Portland cement.

It is made by adding gypsum into the clinker.

Non Portland cement – The non Portland cement is a high resistance.

It is sustainable cement with the addition of braw materials

such as:

  1. Calcium sulfoaluminate,
  2. Alkali aluminosilicates
  3. certain Hydro carbons.

Why ordinary cement is called Portland cement?

Portland cement is just a terms not more then that, this mean, it is also a normal/ regular cement. It has no connection with Portland. its use as a building material.

Portland cement was created in the mid-19th century and it is called Portland because of its similarity to Portland stone. Due to this it is called Portland cement. but the first use in Dorset, England.

Question And Answer

1.Which is the first cement industry in India?

The first cement factory was setup in gujrat in 1904. and the production of cement start in madras. this company is called south india industry.

2. Which country first used cement?

England in 1824.

3. Which one is the india biggest cement factory?

Aditya birla group,

The biggest cement factory in India is Ultratech cement. this company is more famous in India. India’s many people are trust on ultra tech cement.

4. Which cement is known as waterproof?

Portland cement is known as waterproof cement because water repellent agent has been added in cement.

Hydrophobic cement is obtained by grinding Portland cement.

5. Which cement is give best results?

  1. Portland pozzolana cement (PPC)
  2. Portland slage cement (PSC)
  3. Composite cement (CC)

6. Who is the no 1 cement in India?

Ultra tech cement – Aditya birla group

This is the largest manufacturing company of gray cement in India.

Ultra tech has an capacity of 116.75 million tonnes per years.

This is the best brand and company in India. this cement are manufacturing by aditya birla group.

This is the largest producer of white cement and grey cement.

7. Which brand cement is best?

  1. Ultra tech cement
  2. birla cement
  3. j.k cement
  4. ambuja cement
  5. Acc cement

This is the best brand or quality cement in India.

8. What is the main items are persent in cement?

Limestone and clay


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