What is the kb expression for aniline (c6h5nh2)?.You get a proper answer with this article.

Hello, reders Welcome to another fresh article. today we will discuss about kb expression for aniline c6h5nh2.

What is kb expression?

Kb expression for aniline c6h5nh2

ka and kb measure how well an acid or base dissociates. General, higher value of ka indicates strong acid. Where as higher value of kb indicates strong base.


kb = [BH+] [OH-]/ [B]

value of ka;


If large ka value indicates strong acid, whereas

if small ka value indicates week acid.

value of kb;

If large kb value indicates strong base,

whereas ,

If small kb value indicates week base. week base indicates lower kb value. So, you can say that lower kb equal to week base.

What is the kb expression for aniline (c6h5nh2)?

we know that,

kb = [BH+] + [OH-]/ [B]


We will find kb expression of aniline (C6H5NH2),

the kb expression is,

C6H5NH2 (aq) + H2O (l) – C6H5NH3 +(aq) + oH – (aq).

Kb = [C6H5NH3+] [OH-]/ C6H5NH2

is aniline soluble in water?

it is not true, aniline is not soluble in water. aniline is moderately soluble in water because of formation of H-bond. and aniline is soluble or miscible with alcohol, benzene, and chloroform and other organic solvent.


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