• Intermediate involved in reimer tiemann reaction is a carbene
  • Reimer tiemann reaction is one type of chemical reaction.
  • Let’s know in details,

What is Reimer Tiemann reaction?

The proper answer is, it is one type of chemical reaction in which it is used artho formylation of phenols. this is conversion type reaction, because it convert phenol to salicylaldehyde. this type of reaction is known as reimer – tiemann reaction.

Intermediate involved in remier timanan reaction is?

(1) Carbocation

(2) Carbanion

(3) Carbene

(4) Free redical

Actually, carbene is most important intermediate. so, intermediate involved in reimer tiemann reaction is, carbene.


So, option 3 is write answer.

Lets know with the help of reaction,

Reaction – when phenol is treated with chloroform in the presence of sodium hydroxide, and one intermediate (carbene) is used in this reaction, and -CHO group is introduced at artho position of benzene ring. This reaction is called Reimer – Tiemann reaction.

Reimer – Tiemann reaction

Which of the following is the intermediate of  reimer tiemann reaction


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