Which of the following statements about ATP – (adensoine Triphosphate) is correct?

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Which of the following statements about ATP (adensoine Triphosphate) is correct?

(A) The ATP molecules are high energy currency molecules and it is store energy which are helpful in the proper functioning of the body.

(B) It is not store more energy.

(C) Energy currency of a cell.

(D) It is not energy transfer within cells.

(e) Both A and C.


According to above options, The correct answer is option (e).

ATP is one type of biochemical compounds. it is special type organic molecules. It has capable to store more energy. atp molecules released energy during respiration process and make atp molecules from ADP (Adensione diphosphate) & (P) inorganic phosphate.

Actually, atp is has nitrogenous base, a suger ribose and Triphosphate. and it gives glycolysis.

In other word,

ATP is a molecules of adenine ribose suger and 3 phosphate group (Triphosphate).

If both are combine (Adenine & ribose) then it gives adenosine. and if adenine combine phosphate group then it gives adenylic acid.

You know that, triphosphate has high energy currency molecules as well as nucleic acid.

According to above discussion, we can say that, atp is the high energy currency of all living cell.

ATP has capable to manage energy for plants and mostly used in metabolic reaction, polymer synthesis, chemical synthesis.

Adenosine triphosphate is an important biological chemical compounds. adenosine triphosphate energy transfer within cells.

ATP are represent as a energy currency of a cell. it also transfer energy to another chemical synthesis.

ATP is a nucleotide as it contain a 5 carbon sugar and nitrogenous base and attached with 3 phosphate groups as shown in figure.

Which of the following statements about ATP
  1. Adenosine is a nitrogenous base. and it attached with ribose suger. but both combine then it is known as adenosine.
  2. Ribose is a 5 carbon suger attached together these are referd to as adenosine.
  3. 3 phosphate are attached to adenosine to form adenosine triphosphate as shown in figure.
  4. Actually, it make from 3 phases, first phase is known as AMP, second is ADP and third (last) is ATP. it is properly mension in molecular structure of ATP.


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