Hello, reders , today i m going to explain some special keyword such as “why do we get instant energy from glucose”.

let’s know with example,

What is glucose?

Glucose is a one type of suger powder and you get more glucose from eat. because this is a simple way to get glucose for human body. due to this you collect more and more energy for you body. but it is depend upon wherever you eat. the basic glucose level gain from from eat. and it properly travels through your bloodstream to cells. this is called glucose or blood suger. glucose is very important for protection of brain function, red blood and blood cells.

Why Do We Get Instant Energy From Glucose?

• Glucose is very powerful source of energy for body and body cells.

• Glucose has capable to gives instant energy for body.

• If you use glucose properly, your body will strat storing energy. your body will always be fresh.


• It releases more energy in the form of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate).

• the ATP molecules are high energy molecules which are helpful in the proper function of the body.

• The main function is storing energy and transferring energy in cells. and these molecules provide energy for various biochemical process in the body.

• It moves to cells of our body for oxidation energy.

• Glucose is key source of energy for cells or organs in body.

• The main function of glucose is, glucose molecules are quickly remove the body’s weakness. and give instant energy in the body.

• Glucose is one type of suger materials which can quickly absorbed by the body.

• Glucose is stored as glycogen in muscles and liver.

• Glucose gives instant energy because they are easily absorbed into body cells and instant removed body weakness. and after few minutes your body will relax.

• Absorbed into bloodstream quickly.

why do we get instant energy from glucose

• Development of energy in the body and body cells from glucose.

• It is very energetic materials (glucose) in which it makes the stronger bloodstream and body cells.

• Glucose are easily digested and it makes strong body health.

• To much glucose cause problems in your body.

• If you take overconsuption of glucose, overconsuption of glucose can give problems in the body.

Consuption of glucose cause problems.

• Glucose is a molecules and it has a basic unit of a carbohydrates.

• Glucose (simple suger molecules) uptake and gives instant energy for body. and they keep healthy body and body cells.

• Glucose (suger molecules) Absorption

• Glucose (simple suger molecules) travels in the body to all body cells.

Glucose travels in all body cells.

• Blood suger levels develop when glucose is absorbed.

• Glucose circulate causing the blood suger level to rise.

• Insuline helps to rich the glucose level in the body.

• Insuline is very necessary for the body because they manage glucose level in the body. and glucose helps to keep blood sugar levels consistent in the body.

• Insuline is very important or necessary to keep blood suger level stable in the body.

According to above discussion, we can say that, this way we get instant energy from glucose.


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