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Why should chemical equation be balanced?

A chemical reaction is one type of process in which one or more chemical elements or compound are converted to one or more different atoms or compound. in this process, reactant (atoms or compound) are converted to products (elements or compounds). Chemical reaction is one type of rearrangement process of chemical elements in which it can nither created nor be remove during the chemical reaction. this is known as a chemical reaction.

for example:

chemical reaction

A chemical equation is one type of process in which it show of chemical reaction in the form of formula (compound). Wherein reactant are given on the L.H.S. or product on the R.H.S. it has ability to represent in the form of substance or product (compound). it is know as a chemical equation.

for example :

Why Should Chemical Equation be Balanced

A balanced chemical equation in which the number different atoms of elements should be equal in both sides (reactant side and product side).

A balancing of chemical equation is based on law of conservation of mass. it mean that, chemical equation must be balanced if they follow law of conservation of mass. that states that matter is neither be produce nor be destroyed in chemical reaction. According to law of conservation of mass, the total mass of atoms of elements or mass of compound persent on the reactant side should be equal to the total mass of compound or elements also persent on the product side.


for example:

The chemical equation for buring of acetylene in oxygen to yield carbon dioxide and water.

we can write,

This makes the total number of oxygen atoms to the right as 5. therefore, multiply O by 5 to equalize the oxygen atoms. this gives balanced equation.

Now, make it molecular by multiplying by 2.

therefore, the final balanced chemical equation are,

Balanced chemical equation

According to above reaction, we can write balanced equation on both side (reactant side and product side). it mean, every atoms in this reaction have equal value in both sides (reactant and product).

Reactant side Product side

C – 4 C – 4

H – 4 H – 4

O – 2×5 = 10 O – 4×2 + 2 = 10

According to above information, we can say that , this balanced chemical equation follow law of conservation of mass.


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