Xef4 polar or nonpolar molecules – xef4 is nonpolar molecules because the electronegativity is different between xe and f4. f4 has more electronegativity then xe.

Hello, reders, today we will discuss about xef4 polar or nonpolar, molecular geometry for xef4, xef4 polar and more.

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Xef4 polar or nonpolar

xef4 is a one type of formal gas in which it form a chemical bond to the other elements.

If you want to know about, xef4 polar or nonpolar then first you draw the Lewis structure of xef4. you can understand what kind of bond are created. It will clear with the help of lewis structure of xef4.

xef4 polar or nonpolar
Lewis structure of xef4

You can see, in this molecules, the central atoms is xe and four fluoride atoms are attached with central atoms. but the overall molecules (xef4) have 36 valance electrons. because the valence electrons of both atoms is,


Xe – 8

f4 – 7(2)

valence electrons = 8 + 7(2) = 36

Valence electrons = 36.

If i m talking about electronegativity, than the electronegativity is different between xe and f4. the electronegativity of f4 is more then xe.

According to Lewis structure of this molecules, if you see carefully on Lewis structure then, the bond between xe and f4 are polar. but the over all molecules are symmetrical, so the dipole are properly cancelled. and also cancelled net dipole.

therefore, you can say that, the overall molecules are nonpolar.

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Xef4 lewis structure

You know that, xenon has 8 valence electrons but fluoride has 7.

xef4 lewis structure
Xef4 Lewis structure

but in this structure, we have four of fluorides.

So, xe – 8

f4 – 7(4) – 28

So you can write,

total valence electrons – Xec4 = 8 + 7(4)

= 36.

the total valence electrons of xef4 is 36.

The overall structure of xef4, have 32 but that gives extra four more valence electrons in overall structure.

You know that, xenon is a central atoms and fluoride on the outside in the molecules.

First, add the two between atoms to make a chemical bonds and then put the fluoride.

We have, 8,10,12,14……32.

we have 32 valence electrons and it’s gives us four extra valence electrons. So, xenon has more then eight valence electrons.

by adding four extra valence electrons in xenon.

fluoride has more electronegativity, due to this, it is not make double bond in molecules.

If look the overall lewis structure of xef4 we can get everything has completely octets, but xenon has more then octets. due to this the lewis structure of xenon are complete.

Xef4 molecular geometry

You know that, Xe is normal gas and it has 8 balence electron. and Fe has 7.

According to Xef4, (xenon tetrafluoride) = 8 + 7(4)

So, the total balence electron of Xef4 = 8 + 28 = 36.

Now, put the center atoms xe and put also outer atom around it. and all fluoride are connected with single bond to xenon. now, fill octal on outer atoms and put extra two loan pair on the center atoms. xenon has two loan pair. as shown in figure.

this fluoride atom pussing against each other and sprayed out. Similarly, the xenon is also pussed against each other in the fluoride atoms.

As a results, all atoms will sprayed out. that come out the molecular geometry for xenon tetrafluoride.

For example,

according to structure, the center atom is xe and four fluoride atoms around it. and xe has two loan pair. but without laon pair it is look like tetrahidle. but if remember xe has two laon pair. if loan pair add in structure it change to square planer. it is look like square planner (flate) as shown in figer.

as a results, all the fluoride atoms on the same planner. it mean it is look like square planner.

you can also find out with the help of static number.

so, in case of Xef4, (xenon tetrafluoride), the static number of Xef4 is 6.

because, in this structure, fluoride atoms is 4. and loan pair is 2.

So, add this 4 + 2 = 6. (this is static number)

you can see in the table with the help of static number 6.

You got,

Molecular geometry of Xef4 is – square planner

If you also find out molecular geometry of Xef4 by using the + VESPER notation.



  1. A – center atom – 1
  2. X – no of atoms – 4
  3. E – loan pair – 2

therefore, you can write AX4E2 and if you see in table. you got Xef4 is square planner.

Xef4 hybridization

Identify for xef4 hybridization, – first we write the atomic number of xenon.

the atomic number of xenon is 54.

the outer most configuration of xenon is 5s2sp6.

you know that, the outer most configuration is important role for determination of hybridization.

Hybridization of xef4 is determine by three steps.

  1. G.S (Ground state)
  2. E.S (excited state)
  3. H.S (hybrid state)
  1. G.S (ground state)
Xef4 hybridization

In ground state, if we observed that in balence shell of xe there is six electron in 5p orbitals and two electron in the 5s orbitals. it will have 5s and 5p. there will be no change in it.

2. E.S (excited state)

in the case of excited state, two electron jump or shift from 5s to 5d.

3. H.S (hybrid state)

By doing this, two electron move from 5p orbitals to 5d orbitals.

As a results, there are 4 unpair electrons which include 2 in 5p and 2 in 5d orbitals.

After this, the fluoride atoms will attack and then hybridization is possible. and bonding formation will take place in four orbitals. and due to this xef4 hybridization is formed.

If you observed properly, therefore, you can say that the hybridization of xef4 is sp3d2.

Hybridization for xef4 (basic information)

center atom – xenon – 1

no of atoms – fluoride atoms – 4

balence e- of xe – 8

no of loan pair – 4/2 = 2

Hybridization – B. P + L. P = 4 + 2 = 6.

If it is 6 then what about hydridisation.

Hybridisation of xef4 is – sp3d2

Important note

• the center atom of xenon is xe. it has six electron out of which two loan pair electron. there are 4 unpair electrons which include 2 in 5p and 2 in 5d orbitals.

• the hybridization of xef4 is sp3d2 because there is properly shifting two electrons of 5p orbitals to 5d orbitals. as a result hybridization is possible.

Xef4 shape and bond angle

  1. Shape – If you aluminate the loan pair then it gives square planner structure.
  2. Bond angle – bond angle is 90° each. loan pair is repulsion. so, it converted octahedral to square planner.

Xef4 preparation

there are two methods is used for the preparation of xenon tetrafluoride.

  1. When a mixture of xenon and fluoride (ratio – 1:5) is heated in nickel vessels (573) at 6 atmospheric pressure then xef4 is formed.

Xe + f2 (573k/ 6 atm pressure) – xef4

2. When an electric discharge is passed through a mixture of xe and f2 (ratio 1:20) at 80°C & 2-15 MM pressure then xef4 is formed.

xe + 2f2 [ 80°C, 2-15 MM /electric disc] – xef4

Xef4 properties

Physical properties

  1. It is a white solid.
  2. Density is 4.040 cm-3
  3. Melting point is 117°C
  4. Solubility in water is proper.

Chemical properties

  1. When xef4 is react with HCl it will converted Oxidises HCl to chlorine,

Xef4 + 4HCl – Xe + 4HF + 2Cl2

2. When Xef4 is react with hydrogen it will converted Oxidises hydrogen to H.F

Xef4 + 2H2 – Xe + 4HF

3. When Xef4 is react with fluorinates then it will converted, fluorinates to sulphur tetrafluoride.

Xef4 + 2sf4 – Xe + 2sf6


Xe – xenon

2sf6 – sulphur tetrafluoride

Xef4 Uses

  1. It is used an important oxidising agent.
  2. It is used to kill different bacteria.
  3. It is used as a fluorinating agent.