At “” we provide genuine & accurate information about textile processing and also covered about textile dyeing, textile flow chart. we are provided accurate information about such type of textile topic.

After the review website available on the internet, i come to know that information provided on those sites regarding textile topic is outdated. “” regularly update the information of basic textile information. and also coverd different topic related with textile.

So, I decided to provide accurate and updated information about all full information regarding fabric and yarn dyeing and we are also provide information of advance textile processing topic.

I create this website to provide the latest updates & information about all textile topic. here we will provide all the changes and updates come in on a regular basis.


The main aim of this site, to provide the best concept about information of all topics related with textile processing. i write an article with my personal view. i m updated new and fresh article (regular basis) with my personal view.

i will try to covered all topic related with textile dyeing. I always try to write unique article related with my topic for new visitors. my article is giving positive think for readers.

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My name is abhishek tiwari, i m from Bihar, i have completed Btech (textile) from Maharashtra. I have 4 years in textile industry.

i m create a blog in 2021. My blog Nich based on basic textile processing information. i m published all articles related with textile with my personal view.

My blog address is my blog is related with all textile processing topics and basic chemistry topic.

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