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What is chemical equation?

A chemical equation is one type of equation in which it represent in the form of symbols and formulae. and direction of chemical reaction and physical state of chemical of the reacting are also represented by symbols.


• Reactant – it represent on the left hand side.

• Products – it represent on the right hand side.

lets know with examples,

Repersentation of Direction of Chemical Equation

1. Net Forwarded reaction in chemical reaction the symbol is,

2. The state of chemical equilibrium in chemical reaction, the symbol is

3. Stoichiometric relationship, the symbols.

4. A reaction that occur in both forward and backward direction, the symbol is,

Repersentation of physical state of chemical reaction

  1. Solid (s) – solid state.
  2. Liquid (l) – liquid state.
  3. Gas (g) – gaseous.
  4. Aqueous (aq) – aqueous solution.


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